Love and Marriage Horoscopes

Marriage is a sacred bond and a God-given gift that brings us to a friend with whom we live life to the fullest. Everyone wants to live a good and happy life by a good life partner. Here we will tell you with the help of astrology. What kind of marriage is there in your life, ie your love will be marriage or arranged marriage.

Here are the remedies in Hindi for wedding yoga and love marriage in the horoscope, it is given information about different types of yoga related to marriage.

Your horoscope determines whether you will have a love marriage or an arranged marriage and your birth chart indicates how you will find your life partner and how to find it. There are some planets that indicate about love marriage. There are two types of marriages in Indian Sanskrit, love marriage and arranged marriage. Marriage is traditionally arranged in the Orange Marriage where the parents of the two families decide on the marriage while in the Love Marriage the boy and the girl study in Love and accept the decision to marry according to their will and later They also get married. But even today in Indian Sanskrit, only parents find a boy or girl for our marriage. It is very difficult to know about love marriage with the help of astrology, but even if you read this article completely, you will be able to understand it from your horoscope whether there is a love marriage in your yoga or an arranged marriage. .

Know about your life partner

Love marriage was not very popular in India 40 or 50 years ago, but as time has changed, the practice of love marriage continues to grow, so love marriage is a topic of discussion for astrology and this topic is very important and social .

Planets responsible in astrology for love marriage

For all marriages, we have to determine the seventh, fifth, eighth and eleventh house. The signs we want to see are Scorpio, Gemini and Pisces. The planets mainly responsible for love marriage are Mars, Venus, Rahu, Moon and Mercury. While predicting the marriage horoscope for the love marriage, checking the condition of these planets is extremely important.

Information about the joy of married life and about divorce or separation

For the information of Love and Marriage Horoscopes, let us now discuss in detail the conditions of these planets one by one:

Seventh Home: It is the home of a relationship. It plays important responsibility for all types of partner ship marriage partner sex partner romance partner etc. This house also tells a lot about our marriage and married life. Therefore, in astrology, it is an important house for the sign of Love and Marriage Horoscopes, without the cooperation of this house, there can be no happiness in the relationship.

Fifth House: This house gives information about romance and affairs, so it is very important to examine this planet to check love and romance in the horoscope. The fifth planet should be a perfection partnership for Love Marriage. Planets in the fifth house are also considered to be equal partners for love and romance.

Eighth house: The eighth house gives information about physical intimacy, sexual pleasure etc. It also points to things that are secret. It does not have a direct effect while doing a wedding yoga check in the horoscope but it plays an extremely important responsibility in love and relationships.

Eleventh Home: It provides us with the desire to gain success and important information about our friends and family relations. This planet is not considered responsible for love yoga, but it is a very important house for family relationship.

The planet Venus is considered a symbol for love romance and whatever is beautiful, this planet is considered very responsible for marriage, love and romance. It acts as a natural indicator for marriage. For men, it provides information about the wife. Therefore, while making the horoscope of love marriage in astrology, Venus is a very important planet in the case of love marriage.

Mars represents about male energy. In the case of girls, this planet also tells about the boyfriend. Mars represents our inner passion or fire. In Nadi astrology, this eclipse shows about the husband of women.

Rahu displays insatiable (greedy) desires. This planet represents everything that is against tradition or social norms. It makes a person sexier and infuses the will power to enjoy in life. It plays the most important role in the sign of love marriage after Venus.

Mercury planet is mostly misunderstood to support love marriage, this planet is like a prince who always wants to enjoy and have fun. It transmits youthful energy. In Nadi astrology, it also shows the friends of the opposite sex, so for the right information about how to go to Prem Vivah Yoga, it is very important to get the condition of Mercury planet too.

The last nakshatra for the information of marriage yoga in the horoscope is the moon, it rules the mind and is the most important thing in terms of love and romance. Love marriage For marriage, you should have an inclination towards love and romance. Some people are so serious or practical that it is difficult for them to fall in love and romance.

From astrology to horoscope love marriage, the emotional and sensitive signs with the moon play a very important role when predicting love marriage. Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio, Aquarius, Pisces are more prominent in lover’s horoscope. If you are born in these zodiac signs with ascending or moon, then you have a better chance of love marriage than arranged marriage.

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